Tournament Information

                     Spring 2017 Tournament Brackets



Updated: May 15, 2017

The end of season tournament starts May 20th for Coach Pitch (Rookie and A ball), Kid Pitch (AA and AAA), and Majors divisions.  It is a double elimination tournament.  More information below.

  • Double Elimination/Weather.  The Board chose a double elimination tournament this year because prior year weather has caused unfortunate situations where not every team got to play in the tournament.  Texas spring weather seems to impact the tournament each year, and prior years has created unfortunate situations.  This year, the Board chose to start the tournament earlier with a double elimination tournament format.  That way, we're hopeful to get every team a chance to play.  If there's too much weather, then we have the option to condense down to a single-elimination tournament which would still allow teams to play.  Some of the constraints in play include (a) ending by June 2nd (the last day of school since many families head for vacation), (b) Memorial Day weekend is May 27th (and though we'll avoid May 27th for tournament games, there will be games on Memorial Day, May 29th), (c) making up as many regular season games as possible due to prior weather, and (d) weather during the tournament.  Fingers crossed for this year!

  • Brackets.  The divisions are made up of 6, 10 or 12 teams.  The brackets and Tournament schedule with Field location and times are linked below, along with the dates for the bracket schedule (e.g., Tournament 2017.xlsx):
  • Seeding.  Teams will be seeded in the bracket based on their regular season records.  In the event of a tie, the tie-breaking rules are 1) Head-to-Head Play 2) Runs Against-Season 3) Runs For-Season, and 4) Coin Toss 
  • Home Teams. The higher seeded teams will be the home team.
  • Game Dates/Times.  The tournament will start May 20th, which will be a very busy day.    If there is weather that affects games, the Board will update as soon as possible.  Most likely, games will be followed on the next day and all other scheduled games will be pushed back a day.   thanks for your patience if this happens.