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The Prosper Spikes are PBSA's select teams and compete against other area teams in competitive tournament baseball.

Spring 2021 Assessment Information

For Spring of 2021, PBSA will be forming teams in the 8u-14u age groups.  All roster spots for 14U, 13U, 12U, 11U, and 9U will be open.  The 8U and 10U teams were recently formed in September, for the first time, and will hold tryouts for any positions that open up for the Spring.  The 13U and 12U teams will start the Spring 2021season in AAA.  The current plan is for 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, and 14U teams to start the Spring 2021 season at AA.  For 10U and 11U, there is a strong possibly those teams will move up to AAA at the start of the Spring 2021 season.  For age groups where the talent level dictates, PBSA will consider adding a second team in any given age group, particularly in age groups where it will be fielding a AAA team.    

As a reminder, our assessments/tryouts are a 2 round process where the first round is an MLB-style one day tryout where anyone interested can come and participate in drills geared to measure talent/athleticism.  Players will be assessed according to a AA or AAA level.  Those players who assess at those respective levels are invited back for a second round.  The second round will concentrate more on game situations, and it will be from that round where players of like ability are pooled and team(s) will be formed for each age group. 

As a matter of practice, we are anticipating there will be carryover from each of the existing rosters into Spring 2021 teams. All returning players must re-assess and equal opportunity will be given to all who attend the assessments and tryouts.  Teams will be formed by a selection committee, with input from the coach, to ensure transparency and all players receive proper consideration.  For each age group, PBSA will form the number of teams that talent dictates. In regards to coaches, PBSA is accepting head coaching applications for the spring of 2021.  As with the players, coaches are selected by committee to ensure coaches are equitably selected based on merit.          

If you’re interested in being a part of the Spikes program for the 2021 season as either a player or head coach, please be sure to fill out the appropriate application:

Player Application:

Head Coach Application:

We are targeting having coaches named by 11/08/20 so please submit coaching applications by Wednesday, November 4th.  Only those who are interested in being a head coach need to apply.  Head Coaches will subsequently select their assistants. 

Below are the assessment and tryout dates for the teams being formed for the 2021 Spring Season:

Round 1:
11/9: 9u @ 5-7pm Field 6
11/9: 11u @ 7-9pm Field 6
11/10: 12u @ 6-8pm Field 6
11/11: 13u @ 7-9pm Field 7
11/11: 14u @ 7-9pm Field 6
11/12: Makeup for 9,11,12,13,14u @ 6-8pm Field 6

Round 2:
11/16: 9u @ 5-7pm Field 6
11/16: 11u @ 7-9pm Field 6
11/17: 12u @ 6-8pm Field 6
11/18: 13u @ 7-9pm Field 7
11/18: 14u @ 7-9pm Field 6


Fall 2020 Spikes Teams and Coaches


8U (AA) : Coach - Jeff Abney: email: 


9U (AA): Coach - Jon Wells: email:


10U (AA): Coach - Ryan Staniec: email:

11U (AA): Coach - Jon Wells: email:

12U (AA): Coach - Andrew Wallace: email:

13U (AAA): Coach - Wayne Whitmire: email:


For general information regarding the Spikes program, please contact Wayne Whtimire, Director, Prosper Spikes at 

Prosper Spikes Official Facebook Page